2 Nov 2009

Update From This Afternoon

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From Mike:

1:30pm.  Carson just finished his tests, is awake and just had a slice of pizza.  He is very tired.

The gifts keep arriving by the truck loads.   Thank you to everyone.  Our room is getting tight.  He just received the biggest lego ever made, almost 4,000 pieces.  So now he has about 12,000 lego pieces here in the room.

Maybe games for his DSi would be better at this time.

Deb and I strong when we are with him and have been surrounded by so many people in the waiting room.

We will get back some results later today and the other spine test on Tuesday.  After that, the doctors set up a plan of attack.

2 Nov 2009

Another Picture of Carson

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Another picture from today.

2 Nov 2009

Picture of Carson

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Here’s a picture of Carson that Debbie sent over.

2 Nov 2009

From Mike:

In: Carson Updates

It is very difficult for me to speak….

Carson is in no pain.  We are at Radys children hospital in San Diego.

What we thought was maybe a chest cold has turned out to be some type of Leukemia.  Preliminary blood work indicated TCell ALL.  Carson has 2 major tests, a bone marrow and a spinal, Monday at 11am to confirm the Tcell, and that it has not spread to his spine.   The results will come later in the day or Tues am.

We have a private room with no roommates. Deb or I will stay with him each night in his room.  Of course we are here all day.

My Saturday began with a birdie on hole 1 for our club championship and by 1pm, I was rushing to get Carson and take him to the hospital.  What a day and night.

Again, he is in no pain.  He just plays in the room, with occasional walks.  He is on a constant IV and is getting medication 3 times per day.

Deb and I are holding up, and being strong for gentle giant.

Visitors cannot see him due to the flu virus going around.  Deb and I can meet any guest out in the lobby and talk if you want to come by.  We are located on Frost ST, bldg 9.

Our beautiful Megan knows about this is a little confused but she is so strong that she will be fine.

The response so far has been overwhelming.

We love all of you.

We are sure that we have left some people of this email, so please pass along.

At the moment please just email, it is too difficult to talk on the phone.

Pray for our little slugger.  And hug your children everyday.