3 Nov 2009

Noon Update

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From Mike:

Noon:  Well that was an informational meeting…..we know that we have a special child, and were informed that he has a Leukemia that is found in only 500 kids per year.  The plan was laid out and we have a calender of what is going to take place over the next 30 days.

Chemo starts tomorrow.  Carson will be receiving his port that goes into his chest under the skin at 10:30 am.  This is where some of the chemo will be administered, while taking some orally.  He is strong!!!!

Carson went to his first day of school here.  :)  The teacher has been here for 17 years.  There are assistants and they run it like a real school.  Our friends bring us his weekly assignments, so he is not missing anything.  His teacher has been great and will communicate via email with us and the teacher here.

The docs will check his cell counts daily and then again in one week via the bone marrow treatment. We will be here 2-4 weeks.  Once at home he will have home schooling and we will limit his visitors.  Also, the docs are checking out his “big balls”.

He is in great spirits and continues building his legos and playing games.  We are going down to the huge playroom later.

Thanks again to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

God bless.

2 Nov 2009

Evening Update

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From Mike:

8:30pm.  One test confirmed that Carson has T cell ALL. The preliminary spinal tap test shows some white cells, which means he will need some radiation also.  As of late today, he is aware that he has cancer.  He cried, asked questions and then continued building his legos.

We have been touched by 1,000s of people and because I don’t want to leave anyone out, I am not using any names in my updates.   EVERYONE is important regardless of what is provided or offered.

Debbie is staying with Carson during the night. I leave our house at 7:30am and get home at 8:30pm.

We met with a social worker and our doctor today.  On Tuesday, we will have the game plan to proceed further.  We plan on staying at the hospital for 2-4 weeks.  The nurses are great and told us that they are requesting to be our nurses throughout this process.  They will forever be in our family. Everyone is great.  There is a school, play room and parents areas (including a massage).

We thank those who have helped with the Senior officials at the hospital.  We are treated like royalty because of your assistance.  Thanks to those who called ToysRUS to back up the trucks at the front door of the hospital.  Carson’s room is full.  Let’s go smaller, like DSi games or coloring books.  Thanks for the lunches and dinners and desserts.  Thanks for feeding our dog, Abby (Debbie misses her) and taking care of Megan.  She needs love and attention too.

Well, that’s it for today.

Pray for our little slugger.

2 Nov 2009

Help Out With Dinners!

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If you want to assist with dinners for the family, here is a website where everything is being organized. Feel free to sign up for a day that works for you!

2 Nov 2009

Class Banner

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Here is a picture of the banner from his class.  Thank you so much!

2 Nov 2009

Carson’s Huge Lego Box!

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Picture of the big Lego box that Carson received!