Monday 9am –  Carson is feeling great.  This morning was the last of the 5 day medicine, and he had very little reaction this time.  He is doing great and is maturing everyday. 

Carson had his first ever golf match against another team.  He and his buddy (both nine years old) played against another club that had a 10 year old and a 12 year old.  On most holes, it took our little guys 2 or 3 shots to reach their one.  We play three 3 hole matches.  They won the first 3 holes and the match.  Then on the second match, they won the first hole and our boys got really frustrated, but on the next hole we made par and won the hole.  So now this match is tied 1-1.  On the last hole, we made par to their bogey and won the match.  Our boys were so excited and realized that they could pull this off.  So now it is down to the last 3 holes.  We started with a long par 5.  The other team almost reached the green in two shots, while Carson and his buddy take three.  We chip on the green and Carson makes a 10 foot putt to make a par, but the 12 year sinks a putt to make birdie.  We lose to a birdie.  On the next hole, Carson’s 20 foot putt just lipped the cup and we lost the hole and the match 2-1.  We played the last hole and Carson’s buddy makes birdie.  What a great finish.  We almost beat the older kids.  The boys learned a great lesson and had fun.

On Sunday, Carson went to Comic Con and had a blast.

Keep praying for our little slugger.

“Carson is strong”   “Thank you for caring”