Friday 1pm –  Carson had a great trip to Cabo!  We swam, looked for sea shells, played games (volleyball, golf, football and blackjack) and visited the local tourist spots.  One item that Carson really wanted was a shark’s jaw.  We found one in down town Cabo.  After some heavy negotiations, we walked away with a really cool one with multiple layers of teeth in its jaw.  The guys packaged it up and it made it home successfully in one piece.  We all got a lot of sun, ate too much food, but relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

Today, Carson went to the clinic for his treatment.  His numbers were great and the docs gave him more chemo.  He is now on his 5 day medicine, along with 2 other chemos.  He continues to be healthy and play like a 9 year old boy.

Keep praying for our little slugger.

“Carson is strong”   “Thank you for caring”