Wed 4pm –  Carson did great at the clinic today.  We arrived at 8am.   After blood work, an exam and reviewing his chemos and medicines, we headed to our room.  The nurses put on the monitoring wires, and prepped Carson for his procedure (chemo to the spine).  Around 12:30pm we wheeled him into the treatment room.  We asked him for his lunch order and said goodnight.  He woke up about 30 minutes later and then around 1:15 ate some food.  He has to lay on his back for one hour before he can sit up, so he ate while on his side.  Once sitting up, he finished his lunch and then the nurses prepared his next set of chemo (through his port this time).  We arrived home around 3pm.  Carson is now resting, but will be back to his normal mischief tomorrow.

“Carson is strong”  “Thank you for caring”