Monday 9am: Happy Valentines Day. Carson is feeling great today. He does has his moments when some pain kicks in and you never know if it’s the cancer returning, side effects from the chemo or just a growing boy going through the normal stages of life. We are on pins and needles every moment of the day.

Carson started baseball yesterday and is loving it. This year it is kid pitch (we are thankful that there is a time limit and the amount of runs you can score, otherwise we may be there a while). He still is playing basketball and the team just had a great game on Thursday. Down 15-6 at halftime, the boys came back and won 22-19. What an exciting game!

As you can tell, Carson is trying to lead a normal life. He still takes his chemo at home and at the clinic, and it is a part of our lives now. We deal with it.

Keep washing your hands often and keep praying for our little slugger.

“Carson is strong” “Thank you for caring”