10am Saturday – Carson is back to feeling great. The virus is gone, but he continues to take some medication for it.

We were invited to the SD Padres VIP meet and greet this week to speak with the new prospects and some of the new signings that the Padres have brought on board this year. After the introductions and a brief over view of this years team, the President of the Padres introduced Carson to the 75 attendees and let everyone know that Carson has leukemia, is currently fighting it and is in remission. The crowd went crazy with applause.

One of the new players acquired this year and future star, Anthony Rizzo, fought off cancer years ago and became an instant buddy with Carson. We shared our stories about chemo, doctors and hospital visits. Anthony gave me his number to call him anytime. After the meeting, we went with the President down into the dugout and hung out with the players while the Padres owner, GM and others took questions from the crowd of 1,200 fans waiting in the stands. The Padres introduced the new players to crowd as they showed off their new uniforms. The new Sunday jersey is a new digital enhanced camouflaged jersey with the same pattern that our Marines have on their uniforms.

While in the dugout, Anthony took off his jersey, signed it and gave it to Carson. He is the first and only person to have this jersey. They will be in stores soon. Overall, we had a great night! The SD Padres are a class act organization who care about the community and the product they put on the field. Thank you Padres! Carson had a great time and it was such a joy to him smiling and having fun.

“Carson is strong” “Thank you for caring”