9am Monday – Carson fought off his virus (he had to go back to the doctor’s office for an ear infection) and seems to be back to his normal self. He did lose 6 pounds over the last 10 days.

We had a historic event last night! I cut Carson’s hair. His last hair cut was October 2009. His new hair has grown in so much that it was time to take out the clippers and shave it down. He looks great. Carson wants Debbie to keep some of his hair in a small baggie for his book (similar to when a baby gets their first haircut).

With the warmer weather and the kids playing outside and hopefully the flu bug passing soon, we hope that Carson can regain his strength and continue on with his journey. Throughout all of this virus (emergency room, doctor’s office, no sleep, losing weight) Carson still takes his daily chemo.

“Carson is strong” “Thank you for caring”