9am Tuesday – Carson is feeling good today. Last night KUSI news came to the house to do a feature story on Carson and Make A Wish (MAW). The crew and reporter were here for over an hour. The 4 minute feature will be aired Wed at 6 and 10pm. The great people at MAW chose Carson out of 180 children. I wish that all of the kids could have been here to share their stories about MAW and what it has meant to them.

Carson did great with the interview questions, showed the crew his lego room and then sat and built a lego out of 50 pieces. Then they asked me to join in the interview and of course it was emotional for me. When you see and speak with Carson, he is so strong and has rebounded with great composure and strength. He needs a haircut soon and last night he asked if we could keep some of it in a bag just like when he got his first haircut as a toddler. He said that it will be a first post cancer haircut. Carson is the best.

Unfortunately, we are reminded of cancer every day. The medicine, chemo and clinic visits are daily and weekly. Carson’s treatments end Feb 2013.

I will record the interview and post it to you tube and this site for our out of town followers.

“Carson is strong” “Thank you for caring”