Monday 8am- Carson is feeling great! The doctors have adjusted his chemo and medicine over the weeks to find the perfect formula. Even when Carson has a sleep over at a friends house, he gets his medicine. It is part of his daily routine.

We continue to monitor his numbers from his blood work, wash our hands and make other do the same, keep a tube of sanitizer with us at all times and remind Carson not to touch anything outside of our house. He goes again this Wed to the clinic for more blood work. His next big day is in 2 weeks when he gets additional chemo.

This is a weird week for us since it is right before his one year anniversary. We thank our friends, family and the doctors who have helped us over the last year.

Keep praying for our little slugger. Only 2 more years of chemo and then we hope that it never comes back.

“Carson is strong” “Thank you for caring”