Thurs:  Carson is feeling great.  Last night we were guests of Make A Wish (MAW) and the SD Padres at the Padres game versus the LA Dodgers.  We arrived at 4:30pm and went straight down to the field.  Carson and 4 other boys from MAW got autographs, high fives, pictures and story telling from the players and Coach Buddy Black.  The players signed hats, balls, gloves and what ever else the boys wanted them to.  Some players came over one by one and some in groups of 5.  They all seemed to care and it was a joy more so for the players and coaching staff, than the little sluggers. 
Then we got a tour of the stadium.  From underground the stadium, to the history, TV and broadcast areas, the umpires private locker room (we could not go in), the historical Western Metal Supply building and then into our private VIP suite.  The kids ate and drank and even got on the jumbo screen.
We even met up with Mark Grant from Channel 4 and he remembered the 28 second interview on Carson from a few weeks ago.  Carson is the Padres good luck charm…..  Padres won again, 6-1.
It was a fun day.
“Carson is strong”  “Thank you for caring”