Tuesday 8pm-  Carson had a great time today at Legoland.  At 1pm, Carson got to meet the Master Lego Builder (Gary) and build a mini Carson that is now permanently displayed in the park in “Miniland”.  First, Carson (and Megan) with Gary’s help built miniatures of themselves.  The lego room is full of thousands of pieces, all organized in trays and boxes.

From the color of their clothes, their shoes and baseball hat, the miniatures are identical to both Carson and Megan.  After building, Carson got to select where he wanted his miniature to be placed.  He chose the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.  We all walked over to the location and Gary stepped right in the fenced off area, removed some old miniatures, and put Carson and Megan on display.

Next time you go to Legoland go look for Carson.  He will be out front of the Luxor hotel wearing a hat, tshirt, shorts and his famous blue crocs.

At Legoland, we went on some rides, ate lunch, played games and took in the scenery.  Afterwards, we hopped back into the limo and headed to dinner to meet some friends, family and the special “Make A Wish” volunteers.  Yes, volunteers.  Thank you Steve and Kelly.

Carson originally “wished” for one lego, but to his surprise he got 3 huge lego kits.  Another 10,000 pieces to be put together.  The entire day was special.  The limo, Master builder Gary, Legoland, dinner and “Make A Wish” made Carson’s day memorable.

Carson is now building and feeling great.  I am sure that tomorrow he will be one little tired boy.

“Carson is strong”   “Thank you for caring”