9pm Thursday.  We went to the clinic today to begin maintenance and Carson did great.  He went under for about 20 minutes and got a shot to the back.  After waking up, he also got more chemo.  We give the other 3 chemos at home.  He receives some of them daily and some weekly.   It was a typical day at the clinic, 8 hours.

Carson is off to Papa’s house Friday to build stuff, fly planes and make rubber band guns.

His numbers are improving dramatically.  After bottoming out at 32, his number today was 864.   His body is responding to the treatments and chemo.  He may still experience a few side affects.

Tuesday is a big for Carson.  A limo is picking us at 9am and taking all of us to Legoland.  This is Carson’s Make A Wish day.  He will build legos with a certified master lego builder (there are only 2 in the world).  Afterwards, we will go out to dinner.  Carson has also asked for a lego (about 8,000 pieces). This is going to be a fun day for our family.

Keep praying for our little slugger.

“Carson is strong”.  “Thank you for caring”