9am Friday:  Carson had a long day at the clinic yesterday.  Even though he was only getting 2 chemos (a 30 minute drip and a 1 minute push), he and Debbie were there for 5 hours.  First they draw his blood, send it to the lab, analyze it, order the chemo from the pharmacy and then administer it.  His doctor said that he is doing great.  It was a busy day at the clinic.

Once home, Carson was back to himself and we played games.

Today, Carson is going (actually already gone) flying with Papa.  They drive about 45 minutes to a big open field and fly 6 ft wide remote control airplanes.  There is a group of old guys that get together weekly with Papa ( I think that he is the young one of the group).

Later today, Carson has a play date.

He is doing great!

“Carson is strong”  “Thank you for caring”