9am Monday:   Carson is at the clinic today for a shot to both legs.  He has to take some pre-allergy meds before.  Also, the new chemo is causing some great pain and a reaction to his mood and behavior.  We know the side effects and are dealing with them accordingly.

The past few days, Carson went on a long walk through Torrey Pines state beach and had a great time (pictures here). This Saturday we went and watched some of his buddies play baseball (dad misses that) and then Sunday Carson went to go hang out with Papa.

I give him his chemo is the morning and at night while we are at home during his non clinic days.

It is difficult to see your child go through so much pain and take so much chemo and medicine, but we know that he is getting better.

Keep praying for Carson.

“Carson is strong”   “Thank you for caring”