9am:  Carson is feeling better after 11 hours of sleep.  He was very tired yesterday after a full day.  The day started at 6:30am and was non stop.  School, playing games, flying planes with Papa and then a big delicious dinner.  He later got sick (after meds)and wanted to go to bed at 7pm.

Currently, Carson has a play mate over and I will try to limit his exhaustion today.  Deb and Megan get home around 2pm.

We have 10 days before Carson starts his 3 night stay in the hospital.  It will be 3 nights in, then 4 at home.  He will do this 4 times over a course of 56 days.

Dinners, car pooling for Megan, dog feeding and general help will be needed by all of our dear friends and family. Debbie is afraid to ask, but I am not.  :)  We will need it.

Have a great day.

“Carson is strong”. “Thank you for caring”