8pm.  What a long day.  Deb and Carson arrived at the clinic at 8 am and got home at 7pm.  Carson’s port worked well today and his counts were good, but the blood work showed that he would need a bag of blood (its a 4 hour process).  Carson was only getting 2 meds today, so we had hoped for a short day (5 hours), but after getting his shots to his legs, he had an allergic reaction and had to get more medicine and be monitored.  He could not get his blood until this was taken care of.

Around 3 pm he got his blood and they got home just after 7 pm.  Carson was able to nap a little at the clinic so he is full of energy right now and playing a game where he smashes up 2 lego cars heading at each other.  He is so creative. A future engineer.

We are tired, so tonight’s dinner was a big help and was so delicious.

“Carson is strong”. “Thank you for caring”.