7:30am New Year’s Eve….   What a year for Carson.  It started out with anticipation of baseball season just around the corner.  I coached Carson and the Red Sox in the “coach pitch” division.  What a fun time we had.  Carson turned an unassisted triple play and hit some monster home runs.  But as usual he always wanted his team mates to do well and take center stage.  He also had a great time in Cabo in April with his best bud.  As dad played golf, Carson was surfing the waves, swimming in the pool, digging for shells or going down the water slide.  Our family had a great time. In June, First grade ended and Carson did very well academically.  The summer came and he swam in the pool, grew a few more inches and had a lot of fun.  Football season was right around the corner.

We started football in August ( I helped coach) and although he was the 3rd biggest kid, Carson was the fastest.  He played running back, but we also discovered that he loves to block, so he also played pulling guard (those poor kids that got leveled, ouch).  Carson had fun, scored touchdowns and always gave his buddies high fives and hugs when they scored.

Second grade started in late August and Carson received all positive scores on his first progress report.  He had a great time in school and loved his teacher.

Carson played in the football championship game in October and we won, going 9-0 for the season.  The next week, we played a fun game against a local school made up of older kids (8-12).  We also won that game.  Then, Carson went to practice for his travel baseball team and that was the last time he was in public with his buddies…..

During the last week of October, Carson starting feeling a little weak, tired and swollen under his ears.  We thought that maybe he has a sinus infection.  After a few days, Debbie took Carson (on a Saturday) to our local pediatrician and our doctor immediately advised Debbie to take Carson to Children’s hospital.

The rest of Carson’s year, can be viewed at <a href=”http://www.carsonwiener.com”>www.carsonwiener.com</a>.

Carson is having good days and bad days.  I talk about the good stuff that goes on and try to leave out the behind the scenes stuff of getting sick, crying, moaning, etc.

We have 5 more months of the treatment before the final home stretch of 3 years.  It is a long process, a tiring process, a grueling process.  We are holding up pretty well considering that our lives have changed dramatically.  Carson does not go to school or play sports, but instead takes a lot of meds.  It is not fair!

We have learned some great lessons from this and hope that you have too.

I miss having my best bud at my side all the time, playing, laughing, studying, being healthy…..

Keep praying our little slugger, our gentle giant, our lion, my best friend.

Happy new year to your family and good health to everyone.

“Carson is strong”     “Thank you for caring”

Mike and family