7 am Sunday morning.  Carson had a nice day on Saturday.  We played games as a family, had lunch, watched football, took a nap and also set up our Xmas tree.  He is feeling good. Carson normally gets a buzz cut from me every 10 days, and as you may have seen he has not wanted one until yesterday.  His “fro” gave him an extra 3 inches in height.  So last night, he got his hair cut (not sure if it will be the last one for the next 7 months).  He looks great!

Now is the time we need all of your prayers. This will be an important week for Carson and our family.  On Tuesday we meet with doctors who will run tests on Carson’s mid section and Wed is clinic day.  The test results from Tues and the bone marrow from Wed will indicate what our next steps will be depending on his classification risk group (intermediate or high).

Papa is coming over today to play with Carson and I am going to get some fresh air on the course.  Debbie is taking Abby on a walk (or the other way around, not sure) and Megan will do what 11 (almost) year olds do (her bday is Dec 16).

Whether you are going to church or temple, sitting by your bed, at the kitchen table, driving in your car, watching the Chargers, hitting a golf ball or just reading this blog, please take a moment and say a little prayer for my best friend, our little slugger, our gentle giant, our Lion, our son.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

“Carson is strong”.   “Thank you for caring”

– Mike