9 am  Carson is feeling much better today.  He was up early and wanted to eat (of course), so our days begin early.  Getting up early is a good thing, we get to spend more time with our little slugger, gentle giant, our Lion, my best friend.  Yesterday was a blah day for Carson, he just sat around and was in some pain.  Very hard for mom and dad to watch and listen to.

We are going to decorate the house today with all of the Xmas stuff that is in the 42 boxes out in the garage rafters.  Some old college friends are coming by later from LA, so we are excited to see them.

It is another beautiful day here in San Diego and with Carson feeling better, we plan on having fun.


The Little Slugger Golf Classic website is accepting registrations and sponsorships.  I hear there are a lot of friends and neighbors are planning on playing and I am humbled by the families and businesses sponsoring the event.  A special thanks to Papa Doug and The Grand, Steve Burton at Ace Parking, and Marco Monroy for getting our sponsor opportunities off to a fast start.

Let’s see if we can get 50 golfers registered by the end of this Thanksgiving weekend.  Just click on Little Slugger Golf Classic in the Pages section on the right.  The event is Feb 8, 2010 but the planning is already in full swing.

“Carson is strong”     “Thank you for caring”