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Bracelet Orders

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Bracelets:  if you would like to purchase any and you are local, cash is the payment method and pickup/drop off can be arranged.  Out of area: checks payable to Mike Wiener. I will give you our address via email. I will send bracelets via mail (need your address).

Please specify how many bracelets and what color, and if for adult or kid.

Example:  1 yellow- adult.  1 pink- adult, 1 pink- kid.  3 cammy- kid

Thank you.


Noon: Carson slept great (so did mom and dad). We all needed it. He ate a big breakfast and then we broke out a game of Uno. He is doing great. No fever or issues (cross your fingers and keep praying).

Megan is off to cheer for her team that is in the semi-championship football game and then is off to Anaheim for a cheer competition. Good luck girls! They are awesome.

The bracelets are in. This is what I have so far, 700 of them. Please read.

Adults sizes: Pink – 200, Yellow – 100
Kids sizes: Pink – 100, Cammy – 300

The cost is $5, but if you want to add a few more bucks that’s OK…..

For those living in San Diego, myself or Debbie or Megan will be selling them.

For those living out of town (or country) I can mail them to you. Send me an email ( with your request and address.

Let’s make this easy, no complicated requests. What your see in the photo is what I have. Don’t ask for blue with red pokey dots. :)

As they sell, or if someone or a company wants to purchase a large order, I can, and will, order more.

How many can we sell? 700, 2,000, 5,000 ??

Carson just ate lunch and is playing video games.

Have a great day!

“Carson is strong” “Thank you for caring”

– Mike

Toy Drive Details!

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Carson has been blessed with an amazing out pour of love, support, and gifts from the community. Unfortunately, there are many children at Rady’s Childrens Hospital who are not as lucky as Carson.

A toy drive is being held in Carson’s honor for the other children at Rady’s Childrens Hospital.  Please bring an unwrapped toy to Del Mar Kids for these other children.  Each donation will be matched in order to bring all of the kids a cheerful holiday season.

Del Mar Kids is located at 2683 Via de la Valle #K Del Mar, CA 92014. You can drop toys off Mon-Sat 10-6 or Sunday 11-5.

Most of you know that Carson plays flag football with all of his buddies for TPPW.  Well, after an undefeated season, the boys over at the San Diego Jewish Academy wanted to play our team.

We showed up last Wednesday, only to find their boys range in age from 8-12 years old.  Remember that our little guys are 6 and 7 years old.  But we have been together since August 1 and play as a “team”.  Our boys are well disciplined, organized, and follow instructions.

We got the ball first and SDJA held us and we turned the ball over on downs.  They took over and advanced the ball to the 6 yard line.  We held them and they did not score.

From that point forward, we realized that we could actually play with these big boys.

We went on to score 3 touchdowns and WON the game 18-0.

If you took each boy from SDJA and matched him to one of our boys from TPPW, we were over matched.

The moral to the story……  even though you may be over matched on an individual basis, if you have a team that works together, follows instructions, and is determined, good things will happen.

Our team consists of the doctors, family and friends.

Carson will be receiving his “port” this morning at 10:30am.  This will be placed in his chest and will be the entry port for his chemo.  He will also take some meds orally.

He is really nervous and cried himself to sleep last night.  The doctors and nurses check on him throughout the night, so his sleeping is disrupted.

The gifts and cards keep coming and the room is packed.  We are so fortunate to have a great support group that loves our little slugger.  All of the kids in the cancer ward come by and look through Carson’s bedroom window to see what new toys arrived that hour.

Let’s do something different and start to help out the other children who are either there currently and/or the ones that show up daily.  Currently, the kids range from 9 months to 8 years old.  I am sure that the hospital would love monetary donations, and the kids in the ward would love a nice gift.  Maybe a giant gift box can be put together and Carson can go around to their rooms and the other kids can pick out a toy, coloring book, etc.

Debbie and I have enough reading material to last a few years.  And the food delivery service from everyone is great!

We love you.  Pray for Carson.

God Bless.

Megan’s Playdate Schedule

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(Please note: this is now being updated on the page – not on this post!)

Hi everyone! Jen Warren has been kind enough to put together this playdate schedule for those who want to help Megan have some fun.

If you are interested in taking an open slot, please add a comment below (and for those interested taking a slot, please check the comments to see if anything has been taken.) Also, if somebody would like to sign up for Wednesdays from 12:30-2:45, Jen is willing to give up some of her times.

Monday 11/2 Jamie Hayes
Tuesday 11/3 Jen Warren
Wed 11/4 Jen Warren
Thurs 11/5 Christina Wachs
Friday 11/6 Laura Scott (sleepover w/ Livi and Mack, Laura to take girls to game)
Saturday 11/7 Grandparents
Sunday 11/8 Grandparents
Monday 11/9 Brenda Fillippone
Tuesday 11/10 Jen Warren  (to go to Jori Sandler for SO that night meet at PAC)
Wed 11/11 Jen Warren
Thurs 11/12 Eugenia Eyherabide
Friday 11/13 Daisy Castro
Saturday 11/14 Brenda Fillippone (sleepover and to competition in am)
Sunday 11/15 Brenda Fillippone/Bone Family
Monday 11/16 Jamie Hayes
Tuesday 11/17 Jen Warren (sleepover at Jori Sandler)
Wed 11/18 Jen Warren
Thurs 11/19 Christina Wachs
Friday 11/20 Eugenia Eyherabide
Saturday 11/21  
Sunday 11/22 Nancy Kral (depending on family plans)
Monday 11/23 Jamie Hayes
Tuesday 11/24 Jen Warren
Wed 11/25 Jen Warren
Friday 11/27 Laura Scott
Saturday 11/28  
Sunday 11/29  
Monday 11/30 Brenda Fillippone