Evening Update

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Tuesday 9pm- Carson has a little cough. One week of school and the germs already got him. We are watching his temp.

Carson is officially the SD Padres good luck charm. He was given the name a few months ago by the Padres TV announcers, but after last night it was confirmed. After losing 10 straight games, I exchanged a few emails with the Padres about coming down to the ballpark last night to try and stir up a victory.

We arrived at 5:30pm and after visiting with Coach Buddy Black and saying hi to the players, we sat in the dugout for 30 minutes. We then headed back through the clubhouse and upstairs to grab some dinner. Afterwards, Carson went and saw the TV announcers and the GM. We hung out for a while and then the cameras zoomed in on Carson. During the 8th inning, the camera went back to Carson and he was declared the official fan of the game. The Padres won 4-2.

Right now at 9:37pm, the Padres just won 2-1. Two in a row! Carson is magical.

The video will be up soon.

“Carson is strong”. “Thank you for caring”


Morning Update

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Friday 8am –  Carson is back in school and loving it.  I visited his class on Wed to talk to the children about hand washing and germs.  He is doing his homework and just being a kid.  Everyone at school knows Carson and is taking extra special care with his needs.
Carson has soccer practice on Thursdays for 1.5 hours.  He is getting his body back to running and building up his stamina.  He is a great defender (has no fear) and really likes to play goalie.  To see him run and have fun is at times overwhelming for me.  It has been 10 months since he was diagnosed.
His blood work numbers from Wed were good and we continue to give him his meds at home.  Next week he begins a new phase that will include more meds and a longer clinic visit.
We are so proud of Carson.
“Carson is strong”   “Thank you for caring”

Afternoon Update

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Monday –  Carson is feeling great.  He went to his first wedding yesterday.  Check him out with his big sister.

On Wednesday, Carson goes to the clinic for additional (planned) meds.

“Carson is strong”   “Thank you for caring”


Baseball Pictures

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Carson with coach Buddy Black.


Look at all of the Padres signing autographs. The players really enjoyed it.


Mat Latos signing a ball for Carson.


Heath Bell signing Carson’s hat.

Legoland Pictures

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Display of Carson’s designs.


Carson is amazed at some the designs.