First Rootbeer Float!

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My first root beer float.  Delicious!!

Carving Pumpkins!

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Halloween at School

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Pictures from today!

Kids News Day

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Morning Update

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Wed 8am –  Now playing for the Red Bulls, # 7 Carson Wiener…..Carson had his first soccer game this past Saturday.  He bounced right back into action and played great defense.  He has no fear.

Today, he is going to the clinic for a long day.  He will go under for about 20 minutes (with a 2 hour recovery), while the doctors give him his chemo to his central nervous system.  It will be a long, stressful day.

Carson is dong well in school and learning his cursive.  He has settled right back in the regular school, homework, practice schedule and life.

“Carson is strong”   “Thank you for caring”